Meet Our Team

  • Lydia Kumpa
    Executive Catering Chef

    From the age of two, kitchens were my secret passion until I finally delved into the professional world of food on the boardwalk in Ocean City making caramel popcorn.

    After receiving a dual degree in Baking & Pastry, and Professional Cooking from the Baltimore International Culinary Arts Institute, I honed my culinary skills working in Fine Dining Restaurants, Casual Eateries and Catering Companies.

    I found the best mix of those worlds and an environment which allows me to continue to grow, learn and change with the culinary trends in Bon Appétit Management Company. I have had the pleasure of working with Bon Appétit for twelve years, in locations up and down the east coast, in a variety of positions.

    (207) 859-5466

  • Cardwell_headshot
  • Nicole Tocco Cardwell
    Manager, Strategic Initiatives

    Need help with a sustainability related initiative or want to know more about Bon Appétit’s national commitments to sourcing and operating as sustainably as possible? Contact Nicole, the manager of Bon Appétit’s Fellows Program. Read more about Nicole and her interest in food issues here!